What is the Best Way You Can Withdraw Your Crypto In AED?

March 29, 2022

The digitalization of monetary systems has left the world in awe, and many have taken it in their stride. Money is no longer on paper and has a vast difference from what it used to be. One of the major variants being Cryptocurrency.

Not many countries worldwide have come to terms with the concept of cryptocurrency. There are various reasons associated with that but if your interest lies within the digital abyss then UAE is one of the best options out there. UAE offers easy access to cryptocurrency and other forms of digital assets. The country has built its rapport through bringing transparency and ease in its banking system. UAE offers you the opportunity to cash-out funds free of restrictions. So,  if you are in the country and looking for ways to withdraw crypto in AED, you are at the right spot at the right time.

With a stable political condition, UAE stands to benefit the most when it comes to fintech. In the year 2022, the UAE market is predicted to rely solely on digital payments with an estimated total transaction of US$26,773m. If facts and figures interest you, then hold on tight as the neo banking segment within UAE has been predicted to show a revenue growth of 44.8% in 2023. Don’t forget that life is a volatile thing in the bustle, and you could need cash anytime. This is where we slide in to help you learn how to withdraw crypto in UAE.

How to cash out crypto in AED?

If you are looking for ways to withdraw crypto in the form of cash (AED, preferably), then there are few methods to do so but here are two famous methods used widely. These include

  • Through exchange services
  • Through private personnel

If you are planning to withdraw your crypto through a private person then this could be risky in terms of finances because people have faced many scams through this. So it is always recommended to go with a trusted person or through exchanges because not only do you get the best rates but also it is safe and secure.

Exchanges cut their fees but it guarantees your money’s safety and security. So it’s definitely worth it. However on exchanges there are further many methods like P2P or through credit and debit card. So in BTC you are doing private deals on exchanges with other sellers or buyers but the exchange acts as a third party in your deal. But using a credit or debit card to deal in crypto directly with exchange is more secure so I will recommend that.

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So here are the best exchanges where you can withdraw your crypto in AED:

● BitOasis

The creme de la creme of the UAE cryptocurrencies exchanges is BitOasis. Headquartered in the UAE with a wide variety of users all across the world, this exchange platform is one of a kind. If you are a novel player in the field or have been involved in professional trading, To cash out crypto in AED through BitOasis. Because Bitoasis is the local exchange then it could be more secure and fast in terms of your assets withdrawal.  Bitoasis comes with a multi-signature security wallet which offers great security to your funds and assets.


Rain would also be the best choice because it is also a local crypto exchange that offers withdrawal of your funds or assets in AED to your bank account. Rain is also a licensed crypto exchange just like Bitoasis which comes with bank graded security online and offline to make sure your assets and funds are secure.

● Binance

This exchange platform allows you to trade cryptocurrencies and cash them out or sell them where needed. You can also choose to store your digital currency in the Wallet provided by Binance. The company supports over 500 cryptocurrencies with the option for virtual tokens.Binance is well-known in crypto space but it is not a local exchange so it is again recommended to go with local exchange when withdrawing funds in AED in UAE or middle east.

In a nutshell

Digital money is the talk of the town and is the most innovative thing you can ever experience. If you are in UAE, then these services are the best that you can opt for to convert crypto into AED. Not only are the service charges lower in UAE, but also the methods are safe, quick and secure. Happy Crypto-ing!