COT Futures Data Download

Download Major Market COT Futures Data

Excel Download Here (zip file)

Download the COT excel files from the link above. This link will download a zip folder of the COT spreadsheets.

You will have to extract the spreadsheets to a folder on your computer using a zip file manager (most computers will have a built-in app to do this).


Here are the symbols for the spreadsheets in the download.

Currencies: Metals: Softs: Energy: Stocks:
DX – USD Index GC – Gold C – Corn CL – WTI Crude Oil ES – S&P500 Mini
EC – Euro currency SI – Silver S – Soybeans BZ – Brent Oil (Last Day) NQ – Nasdaq Mini
BP – British Pound HG – Copper SB – Sugar NG – Natural Gas YM – Dow Mini
JY – Japanese yen PA – Palladium W – Wheat HO – Heating Oil NKD – Japanese Nikkei (USD)
SF – Swiss franc PL – Platinum KC – Coffee RB – Gasoline VIX – VIX Index
CD – Canadian dollar
AD – Australian dollar
NE – New Zealand dollar
MP – Mexican peso
RU – Russian ruble
BR – Brazil real
XBT – Bitcoin