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Linear Regression Channels Forex Trading Indicator

Statistical Trend Indicator for MetaTrader 4

Linear Regression Channels Indicator is a custom built indicator for the popular Metatrader 4 platform that displays a linear regression line and outer channels on your chart. Linear regression is a popular statistical technique commonly used in statistics and economics to look for trends within data points. In simple terms, linear regression analysis attempts to best fit a line between the data points (or prices) that occur over a specified time period to determine the trend.

In addition to forecasting trend direction, linear regression channels can signal extreme price levels when prices have moved far away from the linear regression line. In this way, the channels (measured in standard deviations) can be used as an overbought / oversold indicator.

When you buy our Linear Regression Indicator, two complementary indicators are also included.

See details and descriptions for all three indicators below:

Indicator #1. Linear Regression Line and Channels Indicator

Our main linear regression indicator easily allows you to see where the current trend is going. When you add outer channels, separated by standard deviations, this indicator can also tell you where price is in relationship to the regression line and whether there is overbought / oversold conditions.

This indicator can be utilized on short or long term timeframes and can be a great addition to any trading system. Combine this indicator with complementary technical analysis methods or fundamental analysis approaches to refine your trading approach.

This indicator automatically updates at the close of each bar to adjust to latest data.


  • Linear Regression Line Period Option
  • Standard Deviation Separation of Channels
  • # of Channel Lines to be displayed
  • Style, color, widths of all lines
  • Shift line & channels into future or past
  • ex.4 file download format

Indicator #2. Linear Regression Slope Indicator

This slope indicator is a simple numerical output of the linear regression line from Indicator #1: (Linear Regression Line and Channels Indicator). This indicator can tell you where the current trend is (uptrend, downtrend, neutral) and how it compares to where the trend has been over a longer cycle.

Add additional lines to compare and contrast the slopes of different time periods. This indicator allows you to compare up to 5 different time periods.

Unlike Indicator #1, this slope indicator will only update on the last closed value and will leave historical trend values intact to better compare current values with the longer term trends.


  • Compare up to 5 different time periods
  • Style & color of all lines
  • ex.4 file download format

Indicator #3. Percent Deviation of Price from the Linear Regression Line

This percent indicator also uses data from the linear regression line of Indicator #1 and can be an effective way to look out for overbought / oversold conditions. This indicator simply shows the relationship of price to the linear regression line. When prices are above the linear regression line, you will see a positive percentage output on the histogram and when prices are below the linear regression line, you will see a negative percentage output on the histogram. Prices far from the regression line will see higher percentage readings while prices trading close to the linear regression line will show an output near zero on the histogram.

This percent indicator will only update the last closed value and will leave historical percent values intact to better compare current values with the longer term trends.


  • Choose time period
  • Style, width & color of all lines
  • Draw the regression line: true/false
  • ex.4 file download format

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Indicator #1: Linear Regression Line & Channels

Indicator #2: Linear Regression Slope

Indicator #3: Percent Deviation from the Linear Regression Line

Metatrader 4 Template files: Shaded Areas between standard deviations

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